Publish your Stories on StoryQube

Publish your Alexa Skills and Google Home actions on StoryQube and reach a wide set of audiences who are enthusiastic users of voice technology. StoryQube is a curated content platform for the best produced Voice content.

As a skill/action developer or producer you can market your content along with other well-produced content that is specifically designed and produced for voice assistants.

More exciting features like StoryQube social will allow you as a developer/publisher to connect with your audience at a more personal level giving you easy access to create leaderboards, communities, competitions and sell merch.

Advantages of joining StoryQube


Partner Publishers can enlist their content on StoryQube and sell their content to all users and subscribers of StoryQube. Along with this, there are several other revenue channels that a publisher can establish.


All the Alexa Skills, Google home actions on StoryQube will be promoted across several social media channels, blogs, and via relevant influencers. StoryQube and its partners work together on user acquisition

Cross Platform

A single platform that has deep links to enabling your Alexa Skill and Google home action. This helps you promote your content across platforms.

Adjacent Traffic

Traffic from other similar Alexa Skills and Google Home actions will discover your content. This audience is highly relevant and helps you to expose your content to the right audience with ease.

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