Our Mission

StoryQube is a curated marketplace for amazing content designed and produced for Voice Assistants. Immersive Experiences, Voice Games, and Classics that conjure imaginary worlds for kids to dive into and enjoy audio stories like never before.

Content on StoryQube is weaved around values and morals inherited from cultures across the world. Kids not only enjoy the interactive adventure or a classic audio story but they also learn facts, general knowledge around S.T.E.M subjects.

All StoryQube content is available on all Alexa enabled devices (including mobile phones). We are coming soon to Google Devices

New Genre of Storytelling

We define immersive stories as those which involve the listener in the story as a character or director who chooses events, solves puzzles and takes decisions that affect the storyline. We believe that with the advent of Voice technology, immersive stories will engage the audience like never before keeping them on the edge of their seats.

We are on a mission to create state of the art audio storytelling experiences for kids. We are working on all the major classical literature works from across the world.


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