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Our world has a rich history of storytelling, from various cultures. Arabian nights to Panchatantra and Canterbury Tales. Experience all of these through audio stories adapted and designed for voice devices.

Immersive Stories

The new genre of Storytelling is “Choose your own adventure”. While this category existed for a lot of years now, Voice Technology makes it more enjoyable, appealing, and realistic than ever. You! get to be the hero of the story with voice and dialogue interactions with other characters!


Games on Voice have the ability to keep users engaged and attentive. We use this feature to design “Edutainment” experiences that not only let the users enjoy playing a game but also teaches them S.T.E.M subjects, whose concepts are injected inside the games.

Rekindling Imagination

Interactive storytelling using devices like Echo (Alexa) and Google home can rekindle the imagination in young minds. StoryQube presents to you, professionally produced audio stories, games, and immersive stories that include the child in the story as a character and encourages them to participate actively and engage with other characters to move the story forward. 

With exciting adventures that involve Space Travel, Voyage across vast oceans, and saving the planet from Alien invasions, these stories are bound to make children conjure worlds in their heads. The stories are crafted to teach children values and bring awareness about important subjects in this world. 

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Alexa, Open Mental Madness

Mental Madness

Mental Madness is a StoryQube Original Game designed and developed for Voice Devices. This is a competitive game with a leaderboard that spans across countries.

A Monkey named Mental Madzz is challenging kids across the globe to a Mental Math game. You have to count the numbers along with Madzz. However, when he allots a number to you, at all costs you must avoid saying out loud any number that is a multiple of the number allotted. Instead you must say Mad

Go on, play the game and challenge your friends. Let us see who beats Madzz first. The second and third levels of this game are much more challenging and exciting. 😉

Listen to the tales from Arabian Nights

Arabian nights is an epic anthology of interesting stories from the Middle East, all written by several writers spanning across centuries, hailing from Persia and India. The story however, is that Persian King, Shahiyar married a new woman every day and executed her the next day. Until, he met Sheherzade who used to narrate an interesting story every night and leave the King in suspense by not finishing her story until the next night. The curious King, thus postponed her execution every night until 1001 nights by when he fell in love with her.

Arabian nights are those 1001 stories that StoryQube Originals team is going to adapt into audio experiences for you.

Alpacalpa Alpaca

Alpacalpa Alpaca is a tongue twister game for Kids. This StoryQube Original is designed to make people of all ages laugh. A perfect party game that can engage anyone and everyone.

The story behind the game is that there lived a cool and cheerful Alpaca long time ago who was called Alpacalpa Alpaca. She sang songs that made no sense but filled people up with Joy. Kids and adults visited Alpacalpa Alpaca whenever they were down and sang the gibberish along with her.

So are you ready to sing along?

Stories from The Bible

Stories from the Bible have inspired and motivated generations of people. We present to you the best stories in an immersive audio format that is going to not just narrate the story but live through it. Check out the sample below of our first Bible story, David and Goliath.

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Produced by Budgie

Pop quiz, hotshot: do you have what it takes to catch a killer? Or will the killer catch you? The chase is on in Detective X, an RPG interactive fiction that contains additional mini-games ranging from an escape room to a bomb defusing – all seamlessly built into a Hollywood narrative of homicide detectives struggling to outsmart a serial killer.

Featuring a chilling combination of professional voice actors, sound effects, original script and soundtrack, Detective X goes beyond the typical voice experience to create an immersive adventure inspired by classic sci-fi/action films like Bladerunner and Robocop.

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